Plant Production Planning & Control

We are looking for a Production Planning & Control Manager within Tangier Plant in Morocco. The candidate will be in charge of the following activities:
Definition of planned shifts number, duration of the shift, good hours, total production hours and number of necessary workers (direct and indirect), based on the required daily production and calculate the needs of manpower, taking into account the planned volume;
Determine the performance index, taking in consideration the composition of the direct and indirect manpower presence, related losses and percent incidence on good hours;
Evaluate the actual performance (efficiency index, losses, indirect?) and evaluate the product time per process/version/model;
Monitor and analyze the consumptive data of the Operational Plan;
Elaborate performance indicators based on the relationship between the effective produced volume and the workers presence, taking in consideration the OP;
Evaluate the daily setting in terms of surplus or lack of manpower;
Knowledge of the norms and rules that regulate the employment relationship and knowledge and application of local, national and international norms regarding health and safety;
Knowledge and application of the trade union agreements managing resolutions and litigations;
Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in engineering;
Experience: 8 years of experience in a similar role (a previous experience in automotive manufacturing plant is a must).
Languages: French and English knowledge;
Skills and abilities:
Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
Work cycle and flow charts knowledge;
Knowledge of the cycle and its decomposition in subsets (phases/elements);
Ability of running preventive and consumptive analysis of (cycle) lead time;
Knowledge of the time management: machine working and not working activity phase, machine time, active time, passive time;
Ability to identify and perform the potentially combined operation in terms of lead time (cycle);
Manage and monitor the extra-cycle operations and perform direct evaluations with chronometric tools;
Manpower classification knowledge in terms of direct and indirect workers and its specific under classification.
Procedures and steps knowledge in order to perform the line balancing and implementation of the work load.

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